At Kalakshetra, we imbibed the art of sensing beyond that which is merely visible, absorbing multi-layered perspectives & finding our way into the new, while being guided by the past.

Attainment is not as important as longing to attain. Through rigor and learning, we experience longing itself and it unfolds new treasures as we seek our paths.

The sea breeze and rustling leaves awakened us. They were friends, teachers, audience and inspiration. In their midst, the celebration and transformation of our internal and external spaces began.

The fragrance of Kalakshetra permeates and nourishes us.

We slip and stumble as we outline ourselves. Moments & experiences continue to add color & texture.

Embracing challenges become ways to understanding ourselves. We are exploring what we are made of.

Along the way, it is the people we meet, the places we travel to, and the laughter we share, that define and redefine our ideas of success and failure.

We create because we do not want to be complacent. Allowing the mind to wander and enjoying uncertainty as it finds form and expression.

As performers, choreographers and teachers we are constantly aware that we are part of a continuum. The essence of what we have received needs to be shared.

What we hope, above all, is to be compassionate beings.